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Published: 17th March 2011
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School is an institution that not only moulds the future generations, but it is also a place where our potential leaders pick up the best of values and principles. It is a place that keeps them safe and away from trouble. A school is completely responsible for the child’s safety and well-being during school working hours. The need for a secure school environment cannot be understated and hence, it is vital that school safety signs are put throughout the building so as to avoid any accidents involving children.

Safety signs are a way of providing information through the medium of pictures and colours. They can also be used to indicate the rules and regulations of the school. There are some standard safety signs like crosswalks and exit used by schools, but many signs are not standardized. For instance, school buses normally have an arm attached next to the driver’s side that contains an ideally placed stop sign. This sign is used by the driver to signify that, the children that have just gotten off the bus are crossing the road in front of the bus. School Zones also carry a lot of signage for passing cars and pedestrians. For example, you may come across signs of ‘no honking’ or speed limit indications. Even though these signs do not apply on non-school days, when the schools are working violation of these signs is subject to fines and punishment by law. Signs that you might have seen are pedestrian crosswalk sign, caution sign, school bus stop sign, pedestrian crossing sign, playground sign, etc.

Inside the school premises you can see a variety of signage. From exit signs, His and Her signs, rules and regulations, lab signs, etc. to signs referring to the class or halls like library. All these signs somehow make the building into the institution for education. Choosing the right material for safety signs is crucial. A material that is rust-free and durable can save you from having to change the signs every few years. Engraving is an option worth considering. There are many engraving companies that specialize in safety signs.

You can easily hunt one down online by searching school safety signs in your area. These companies have a widespread clientele and readily assist in any designing needs that you might have, and also provide the signage in a variety of sizes and materials. You can then choose out of the various products that they offer, to fulfill your requirements.

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